Our Editorial Path

Our company name says it… Guitar Business Media.

We’re all about the business of guitar in many forms, in many directions, from guitar builders to guitar players, CEO’s to entrepreneurs and everything in between. If you have a business or professional connection to anything guitar-related, our goal is to send value in your direction.

Business media is a different animal. It’s not consumer media, but our readers are all consumers of information. So our mission is to provide valuable, useful and engaging content they won’t get elsewhere. So let’s get to it.

Structure and Format

Guitar Business is a fully produced, digital first magazine with a printed version ultimately available to paid subscribers and at special events currently scheduled to premier in later 2019. We are designing to take so-called trade publications to a higher level. Clean, modern lines, erring on the side of perfection is our preference. Our digital version is alive and fully interactive utilizing all the benefits digital has to offer. But wait, there’s more… So stick with us.

Guitar Business Magazine

A few of the sections we’re looking to include:

  • Feature Articles: Companies, leaders, innovators and creators
  • Diverse Columnists: Business sense, technical know-how and commentary
  • Industry Segment Reports: Analysis, data and perspective
  • Tools of the Trade: Building a business or professional career
  • New Products and Services Showcase: For business and professional use
  • Persons of Interest: Business and professional people news

And that’s just for starters… there’s more to come. But first things first.

Guitar Business Daily

While Guitar Business Magazine will provide in-depth, lasting content in a more traditional format, Guitar Business Daily offers a constant flow of timely news and information suitable for spontaneous consumption. A preview of some of the coverage we’re looking at includes:

  • News Front: A different take on news and information for the business of guitar
  • Innovation:  Our unique coverage of products and services that are changing the landscape
  • People: Thoughtful coverage of entrepreneurs, corporate personnel and players in the business
  • Tool List: Methods and tools you can use to enhance your business or professional career
  • Events: A new approach to covering guitar shows and related events of interest

Our Interests

It shouldn’t surprise you that we’re interested in editorial contributors who seek a serious, but creative opportunity to display their literary aspirations, knowledge and desire to make a difference with something different. If you have a sense that Guitar Business and you might have something in common, fill out the form below and let’s find out.

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