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Here’s a collection of questions we thought you might ask at some point, so we’ve gone the extra mile and taken the unprecedented step of answering these questions in advance. If you have other questions, ask them here.

What is the purpose of Gbiz?2023-02-19T10:27:14-08:00

Broadly speaking, to provide a diverse information hub for all kinds of relevant, practical and useful content of benefit to those involved in any guitar-related business or profession. How’s that for starters?

Where does your content come from?2023-02-18T16:33:30-08:00

That’s a good question. It comes from you. It comes from us. It might come from PR agencies and freelance writers. It could come from other publications. It’s wide open as long as it’s guitar-related in the business sense. And that covers a lot of ground.

Who decides what content appears on Gbiz?2023-02-19T10:33:03-08:00

That’s simple. We do. Not everything we receive is up to par (as they say). In those cases, if we feel the content has relevant potential, we may offer to help bring it up to “par” level.

What does Gbiz content look like?2023-05-17T09:24:02-07:00

There are a few different formats. Product news might look like this. Company news might look like this. Commentary and literary pieces would probably look something like this.

What content is submittable on Gbiz?2023-02-19T11:04:48-08:00

And that’s what we’re all about. Here’s a partial (meaning not exhaustive) list of editorial* options:

  • Press releases
  • New product/service announcements
  • New business or division launch
  • People news of all kinds
  • Commentary and opinion
  • Educational (for business)
  • Events (guitar business related)
  • Other (ask us)

(*commercial opportunities available… contact us.)

How do we submit content to Gbiz?2023-02-19T18:43:16-08:00

That’s easy (for us to say). Use the form on this page. Or, send us an email at

Why does this even matter?2023-03-09T13:09:40-08:00

Not a bad question, and as you might imagine, we provide an answer HERE >>

What’s in it for me?2023-03-12T20:19:15-07:00

We thought you might ask. So, it’s possible you’ll find some enlightenment HERE >>

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