Cristian Mirabella and Mirabella Guitars remain working. Continuing the jobs already in the shop, taking custom orders for new instruments and offering restoration work on select vintage instruments.

While the Showroom Shop is now closed to the public under the direction of Governor Cuomo and the state of NY due to COVID-19, the Main Shop will continue to be available to friends and clients through phone calls, email and shipping.

Mirabella Guitars remains dedicated to the players, collectors, and every customer. Weather it’s a need for restoration work, a custom order, some information or just a reason to talk “a little guitar” in these trying times, we are here and will continue to be.

Above all Cristian Mirabella and Mirabella Guitars would like to thank everyone who has supported the shop over the years and helped to make it what it has become today. You are truly our Friends and Family! So please stay safe!

We’ll leave you with a post from Cristian Mirabella just a few days ago and look forward to seeing everyone soon in better days.

I believe Music can heal, Music can mend.

As musicians and luthiers, the strength at times we cannot find in our own voices, we can share and express in our music and in the instruments we make to create that music. We are an interesting community, diverse in our gender, locations, styles, beliefs and ideas. However, whether player or collector, dealer or maker, we are all friends. Tied by the love and beauty of music.

I have been overwhelmed by the support, love and positive thoughts shared with me during these difficult times. My heart is truly full from all of your support and in return I hope to give it all back to each and everyone of you.

From those I call my dearest friends, to those I’ve done and do work for.  For those I’ve only had a brief conversation with at a show and equally, those I’ve never meet, but still write to me to say they love the Mirabella Guitars.

I wish you all the very best. Safety and health to your families and the hope of better days to come for all of us soon!

So please, play a cool guitar (Vintage or New). Enjoy a favorite book or study some new concepts in construction or playing. Listen to some wonderful music to rest your nerves and clam your soul. Enjoy a glass of wine (or maybe two. You don’t have to go out, so pour a little bit more)

If you find comfort in religion, pray. If you don’t then meditate on positive thoughts.

Find happiness in where you are and share it with others (from a distance).

Stay inside when you can and appreciate the Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, shopping center employees and all who are going above and beyond.

So as I started, Music can heal, music can mend.

For as much as you follow the news and the situations happening outside, listen to some music to relax, find comfort and possibly keep yourself healthy (stress will lower your immune system).

For those we have lost and may lose, know that we will forever hear them in the music we shared and the songs that makes us think of them in our hearts.

So again… thank you!

Mirabella Guitars and the Mirabella family remain safe at this time and we wish and hope the same for every one of you.

From the US to the UK, Italy to Spain, China to Korea, Japan to India, everyone! Stay safe, stay inside, and I’ll look forward to seeing all of you in better days very soon.

– Cristian Mirabella

Mirabella Guitars