A Look at Our Readers

Our target audience is simple: Virtually anyone who has a business or professional connection to anything guitar-related. So what does that actually mean? Here’s a few (but probably not all) of the categories and places where you’ll find our interested readers:

  • Guitar Builders and Manufacturers
  • Guitar-Related Product/Service Businesses
  • Guitar-Related Retail
  • Guitar Education
  • Professional Guitar Players
  • Artist Management and Support
  • Guitar Enthusiasts

It’s a pretty good size target. Of course, we’re already connected to thousands of them through our existing channels. We expect our initial reach for Guitar.Business to be about 10,000. And we’ll go from there.

Our Engagement Strategies

Although Guitar Business Media was recently created in 2017 as a “spin-off” entity, our original company has been in the guitar-related markets for over 10 years. During that time, we’ve established a solid reach in the business and professional sector of that market. Our weekly email and social media reach, both organic and paid, is typically 15,000 – 20,000.

Our popular podcast, Guitar Business Radio, has already reached over 16,000 listeners and growing weekly. Our interviews  consistently include well-known individuals with a high degree of stature in the industry. We will cross-promote regularly between the podcast and the magazine.

Our initial launch efforts will consist of a combination of paid and organic promotion at a number of levels in a variety of channels.

Our Promotional Opportunities**

Display Advertising

We’re offering a traditional array of display ad options:

  • Covers (2, 3 and 4)
  • Spread
  • Full Page
  • Half Page Vertical
  • Half Page Horizontal
  • Quarter Page Vertical
  • Quarter Page Horizontal

Advance placement will be available Fall 2018. Sign up below or contact us for early notification.

Business Marketplace

This section is dedicated to spotlighting a wide variety of useful business products and services of interest to our readers. Some may be guitar-related, some may not. The key factor is “of interest and value to our readers.” Ad sizes include:

  • Quarter Page Horizontal
  • Eighth Page Horizontal
  • Mini Square

Our Business Marketplace advertisers receive a comparable placement on Guitar Business Daily.

Guitar Business Daily

The Guitar Business Daily (early 2019) is the home of timely and relevant news and information happening in the moment.

  • Display ad placements will include a Daily component as part of the package.
  • Standalone Daily options will be available.


Sponsored Content

  • We will have several sponsored content options that will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned.

Your Interest…

If you are interested in advance placement options or simply want more information on promotional opportunities as they become available, just fill out the form below (* required fields):

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**Naturally, some things are evolving and may change slightly without notice. But we hope you’ll notice.