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We’d like to tell the world (as we know it) about what your company or organization is doing, now in the midst of a worldwide crisis, as well as later during the expected recovery that will follow. This is a FREE service. You can submit your status more than once as long as it is new and not repetitive and generally not more than once every five days (exceptions may apply).

This is not an advertising section as such. Give us clear and concise information about if, and how your company or organization is operating in light of these challenging times. Be as complete as you like but there’s a 5,000 character limit per update. We will publish these status updates as quickly as possible, however, we reserve the right to reject or edit (slightly for grammar, spelling, etc.) updates at our sole discretion. If we have questions, we’ll simply contact you in the most expeditious way possible. We will include your contact information if you like and website link. If you have questions… just contact us.

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