GUITARbusiness is the new Channel for the Business of Guitar. Our mission is to provide relevant, useful and timely information for, about and from guitar-related companies, artists, organizations and industry people. As always, it’s all about value in all directions.

Our target audience covers a wide range of industry folks at all levels, from players to CEO’s and everyone in between. We have been well-connected in the business since 2008 with the founding of our industry-focused media and marketing firm, GUITARpr.

Gbiz is part of a major integration of business components under the Guitar Business brand of our parent organization, TrueMarket Group that also includes the Guitar Business Store and Guitar Business Sales. We’re definitely doing something different and we look forward to your participation in any of several different ways of your choosing. Take a moment to check out our FAQ or send over any questions, thoughts, or suggestions you may have by contacting us. We are committed to our mutual success.

Jeffrey D Brown

About the Founder

Jeffrey D Brown has spent nearly four decades in media-related positions in the publishing, advertising and events business. His passion for and involvement in the guitar-related business universe in one aspect or another has been a constant for all those years.

In addition, Jeffrey D Brown (who started his career in radio) has produced and hosted 82 episodes of Guitar Business Radio, the Podcast for the Business of Guitar, which now includes the Value Shot, right here on Gbiz.

Reach out to him here.